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Woman’s World Tour Team- Team SD-Worx

*The purchaser of the NFT acknowledges that he/she is purchasing a digital copy of the original art piece. The Original art piece is available as a separate item for purchase.  **The NFT has been “Minted” on the Polygon ETH Blockchain and listed on the OpenSea Platform for purchase. kalvt Miniaturist Facebook-f

Press Release- 2021 Cycling World Tour NFT Auction

A world-first cycling art-NFT collection to go on Auction Artist Kelly van Tonder has painted the world’s first miniature art-NFT collection of all the winner’s jerseys from the 2021 UCI World Tour road cycling season, each measuring the size of a 50c coin, which will go on auction on November 19. Van Tonder, a South […]

Commissioned Art

Your Commissioned piece? Welcome, to the haven of commissioned art at Kalvt.com! Where every piece is a testament to the intricate details of life that often go unnoticed​​. Creating a commission piece for you is ultimately what this is all about. I want to paint your moments, your memories, your places, your special things. I […]

Current Projects

UCI World Tour 2021 I have dived into #project2021 -granted 13 races later, and am just so so so excited to get it all onto paper! Yes, I am going to paint 33 race jerseys this year, along with all the commissions I will be working on. I am going to document through my miniature […]

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