Custom Art- "Own your Jersey"

Creating a commission piece for you is ultimately what this is all about.

I want to paint your moments, your memories, your places, your special things. I want to be inspired by your happiness! I want people to walk into a room, and be attracted by a piece that is perhaps not so obvious.




I want to be a part of your conversation to be had

There are a couple of framing options that I work around, as well as sizes- all based within your budget. The wood I tend to mostly use is a lighter Teak wood, or a darker Wenge.

I only use one type of glass-  Tru Vue’s Ultra Vue. The glass has some great features in general, and although it is quite expensive- I don’t feel I have much choice.  It virtually eliminates reflections; and filters up to 70% of UV rays.It is used in museums for these exact reasons.

Once you have selected and paid for the custom product you I will contact you to schedule an online appointment for the initial brief.