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In the heart of the 2020 lockdown, I found myself in Girona, Spain, cradling a twelve-week-old baby and an unopened box of art supplies from South Africa.

Having left my homeland with my family to embark on a working sabbatical, a European adventure that was supposed to last a year, life had other plans.

Born and raised in South Africa, by the age of 42, I have lived a few lives. After earning a business degree and years behind a desk, I sought something different.

Following the birth of my first two children, I became a qualified classical Pilates instructor and opened my own studio.

@thisiskalvt or Kelly the Miniaturist artist posting for an article in Girona Chronicle

Art was always in my life, but it was during my pregnancy with my third child that I delved deeper into it as a hobby. It was in the silence of the lockdown, in our small apartment in Spain, that I finally opened that box of art supplies, and the inspiration began to flow from the miniature artists I admired. Why miniature? The fascination lies in the intricate details, the silent stories they tell, the captivating charm that sparks conversations and draws eyes towards the unseen beauty of the ‘small’.

In Girona, our magnificent cathedral stands tall, a marvel that draws admirers from all corners of the world. Yet, the tiny, archaic carvings on the door handles often go unnoticed. Once you discover these details, they linger in your memory, echoing the allure of the details that often go unnoticed.

This philosophy shapes my work. Whether it’s a cherished box of tea from South Africa, the front door of a beloved building, or the individual cyclist’s jersey, each piece I create is a testament to emotion, to nostalgia, to the moments that define us.

“Your miniature,
A conversation piece,
Never sad,
Often nostalgic,
A reminder,
A time,
A moment,
It’s sentimental more than anything.”

My current project, #project2023, is a deeply personal journey through the 35 races of the UCI World Road Cycling Tour. Each painting, a unique miniature jersey, is a tribute to the athletes and their indomitable spirit. These pieces are more than just art; they are memories, moments captured in time, a source of pride for both the cyclist and the admirer.

As I look to the future, I’m excited to explore new horizons in the sporting industry. But irrespective of the subject, my mission remains the same: to create something for you that sparks emotion, that ignites conversation, that serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty hidden in the smallest details.

Take care,


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