Artist Kelly, immersed in her creative process, painting a miniature race-winning cycling jersey

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Hi, welcome! I’m Kelly, perhaps better known in the art world as Kalvt. Specializing in cycling art, my journey has been a fascinating one, deeply intertwined with the intricate details of life and the vibrant world of cycling.

Each stroke on my canvas aims to capture the rush, the passion, and the stories that jerseys whisper. My miniature art pieces make for the perfect cycling gift, capturing the essence of the sport in every brushstroke. Recently, I made a significant move from Girona, a hub for European cyclists, to the bustling city of Melbourne. While the landscapes have changed, my commitment to my art and my European clientele remains unwavering.

After all, in today’s connected world, a move across continents is merely a change in shipping. As you delve deeper into my site, you’ll discover the essence of what I do. From the UCI World Tour cycling season project, where each jersey narrates its unique tale, to the commissioned pieces that bring personal stories to life.

I invite you to explore, to connect with the emotions behind each artwork, and to be part of this continuous journey that celebrates the beauty in details.

Thank you for being here, and I look forward to sharing my passion with you.


Race: Strade Bianche Winner: Tadej Pogacar Team: Team UAE Emirates

It's sentimental more than anything

Filippo Ganna's jersey from his Cycling Hour World Record achievement

A Time.

A Moment

My art piece "God is love". Small, and “teeny-tiny”, are often conversation pieces. That is what I was aiming for. I longed for people to talk about a piece- without having to talk about the artist

A Reminder.

I aim to re-direct to the smaller details for a brief moment. My son admiring the South African National Cycling jersey of Tour de France stage winner Daryl Impey

Often nostalgic.
Never sad.

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